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This Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe Will Boost Your Immunity

Turmeric has an incredible range of health benefits, from its anti-inflammatory properties to its immune system support and beyond. Its uses vary from medicinal, to cooking, beauty, and even dyeing fabrics. Not many spices have these bragging rights!

Personally, I have used turmeric in supplement form for years for inflammation and immune support. In addition to that, there are a million ways to incorporate it into your cooking for a unique flavor flair that packs a healthy punch.

So before we jump into the Turmeric Latte recipe, read on for a quick list of easy, fun ways you can enjoy turmeric in the kitchen.

Try These Easy, Delicious Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Meals and Snacks:

  • Sprinkle some on your sliced apples – a perfect snack for fall
  • Stir some into your vanilla yogurt – the turmeric spice evens out the sweet vanilla
  • Dash on top of your oatmeal – a warming, fortifying breakfast
  • Skip the salt and add turmeric to your next bowl of popcorn
  • Make cauliflower popcorn instead (crumble cauliflower and massage it with olive oil, then sprinkle with turmeric and bake for 20 minutes)
  • Add turmeric as the spice in your next soup, gravy, or sauce
  • Add 2 tbsp turmeric to your chocolate chia seed pudding – yum!



Here’s Your New Favorite Turmeric Latte Recipe:

Get ready to enjoy a Golden Milk Turmeric Latte – the healthier counterpart to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Plus, it’s super simple and only takes a few minutes to make!

Turmeric Latte Ingredients

You will need: almond milk (or milk substitute of your choice), turmeric, coconut oil, honey or agave nectar (optional), and cinnamon


  • Heat almond milk over medium heat
  • Stir in 1 tsp. Coconut oil and 1 Tbsp. Turmeric
  • Stir often until fully heated
  • Remove and add honey and cinnamon to taste (optional)
  • Pour into mug and enjoy!

Pro Tip: For my Turmeric Latte recipe at home, I typically use Gaia Herbs Golden Milk Turmeric, which is a nourishing blend of turmeric, dates, and herbs that tastes delicious.

It provides a more robust flavor than turmeric by itself (but turmeric works great if that’s what you’ve got at home!).

The Takeaway on Turmeric Lattes

Known as the Golden Spice of India, turmeric is gaining more and more notoriety for what people native to India have known for thousands of years.

Turmeric originated in Southern India, which is the region still responsible for the vast majority of production in the world (more than 90% of turmeric comes from India).

Now, people around the world are experiencing the immense health, wellness, and beauty benefits of this super spice.

Whether you cook with it, use it in a DIY beauty recipe, or take it as a supplement, there’s definitely a lot of great ways you can incorporate turmeric into your healthy lifestyle.


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