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Short and F*ckin Sweet Guided Meditation (Profanity)


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If you just can’t sit through a guided meditation without your mind becoming distracted, then perhaps this Short and F*ckin Sweet Guided Meditation from Yogi Bryan will do the trick.

Yoga and meditation teacher Yogi Bryan specializes in using NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to help center and focus your mind through the use of key words – particularly profanity – in this guided meditation.

Press Play on This Short and F*ckin Sweet Guided Meditation With Yogi Bryan

If you’re a fan of keeping it real and don’t mind a few f-bombs, then you’re going to love this unique guided meditation. Find a comfortable seat in a quiet place, pop your headphones in and get ready to f*ckin meditate!

Yogi Bryan found yoga and meditation back in 2016 and it completely changed his life. Looking back on his pre-yoga days, he says he “doesn’t recognize the person he used to be.” According to his website, Bryan’s mission in life is to inspire people to practice yoga.

His personal inspiration? To help people relax and have fun by creating a space for levity within the yoga community. He believes that laughter is the best medicine and that life is too short to take anything too seriously.



Want More Profanity In Your Meditation? Join Yogi Bryan In Centered Not Censored

Yogi Bryan brings us another guided meditation, complete with intentional f-bombs, to center and focus your mind with the help of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) on YA Classes by YogiApproved.

With Yogi Bryan

13-Minute Class | All Levels

If traditional meditation doesn’t float your boat, or even if it does but you also appreciate a bit of levity and, shall we say, strong language in your guided meditation, then this Guided Meditation from YA Classes teacher Yogi Bryan is right up your alley!

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