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Reduce Wrist Pain In Yoga With These Techniques


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If you’ve ever had wrist pain, you know how much it can impact your yoga practice and quality of life overall. Wrist pain is a common issue for many of us, especially in yoga.

And while certain yoga poses exacerbate wrist pain, there are actually many yoga poses and stretches we can do to ease wrist pain, strengthen our wrists, and prevent injury going forward.

Reduce Wrist Pain and Prevent Injury With These Techniques:

In this video, you will learn simple tips and hacks to help ease wrist pain during your time on the mat. You will also learn stretches you can do to increase mobility in the wrist joint.

Finally, you’ll learn a series of exercises and yoga poses to strengthen the wrist which in turn will help prevent injury.

Are you ready to ease your wrist pain and strengthen your wrist joint?! Join YA Classes teacher and YogiApproved founder Ashton August in this short video tutorial below!

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