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Learning to Handstand? Start With This Short Class (Video)


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Just like building a house, you need to lay the foundation before you can move forward, and the same applies for learning how to handstand.

If you want a solid (and safe) handstand practice, it’s important to build a strong foundation first. This free yoga class does precisely that!

Strength and range of motion in your shoulders is essential for learning how to handstand. In this free yoga class, you will learn anatomy and techniques to strengthen your shoulders and increase your shoulder mobility.

Why Shoulder Mobility and Strength Are Key for Handstands

When we just start out on our handstand journey, we often don’t realize everything that goes into a solid handstand practice.

One of the main things that gets overlooked is shoulder strength. Shoulder strength – and range of motion – is key for a successful handstand. Without these key components, your shoulders won’t be able to support your weight or allow you to hold a handstand.

With more strength and increased mobility, you will also help prevent injury and decrease your likelihood of falling.

Ready to Build Your Handstand Foundation? Take This 15-Minute Free Yoga Video

This yoga video will give you the basics to build shoulder strength, increase range of motion, and apply it to your handstand practice so you can get upside down and off the wall in no time!

Now That You’ve Built the Foundation, It’s Time to Fly! Take the Full Learning to Handstand Program

Building Shoulder Strength (the video you just took) is video #4 from the Learning to Handstand full yoga program on YA Classes by YogiApproved.com.


This full handstand program consists of six separate classes designed to walk you through the process of learning to handstand step-by-step. This yoga video series will continue to build the foundation you need for a safe and solid handstand practice.

Have questions about the handstand process? Want to share your own experience of working on your handstand? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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