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Everything You Need to Know About This Fire Sign (Raarrr!)

You can spot a Leo a mile away. That’s because wherever there’s a crowd, you can find them at the very center of it, leading the conversation and filling the entire room with their charisma and genuine laughter.

Ruled by the lion, Leo signs radiate strength and confidence from an unshakable foundation. You’ll never be bored by a Leo, and their penchant for taking risks and living in the thrill of the moment will easily make for some of the most memorable experiences of your life.

A Leo lives fully in the moment and enchants everyone that crosses their path with their charm and warmth.

Leo’s are uninterested in dwelling in the past, and after taking a few precious moments to reflect, their action-oriented nature propels them onto the next big adventure or exciting opportunity.

There’s so much more to learn about the Leo, so read on!

Leo Zodiac Sign Qualities at a Glance

Born: July 23 – Aug 21
Element: Fire
Ruled by: Sun
Symbol: Lion
Best romantic matches: Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius

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Here Are 3 Main Characteristics of a Leo:

This article explores the main characteristics that define the Leo zodiac sign. Whether you’re this fire sign or know someone who is, the following information will give you everything you want to know about the firey Leo.

1. Leos Are the Fearless Leader of the Pack

This sign is strong-minded with an ambition and drive unparalleled by any other in the Zodiac. If there’s one thing you should know about a Leo, it’s that they have a hunger for authority, and line each of their actions with deliberate focus and passion.

Inspiring and motivating others comes effortlessly, making the Leo a skilled leader not only among their friends and loved ones, but in the workplace as well.

Leos thrive best in a position that lets them call the shots.

You won’t find a Leo settling for anything less than the top, either. They don’t take being bossed around or dismissed well, and are aggressive and driven in their ambitions to make it to the top. Leos thrive best in a position that lets them call the shots, and won’t be subtle about voicing their thoughts on matters important to them.

If you decide to challenge a Leo’s authority, you better approach them with a well-thought out plan. Their intelligence and intensity is difficult to match, and nearly impossible to overthrow.

2. Leos Are Loyal Until the End

It’s the Leo’s deep sense of compassion that will lift your spirits, and their enthusiasm that will re-ignite your zest for life. When you’re part of a Leo’s pack, consider yourself a member for life. As extravagant and vivacious as they tend to be, they deeply value their friendships.

A Leo will not only answer the phone on the first ring at 3 AM after you’ve just had your heart broken, but they’ll arrive 20 minutes later with pizza, a bottle of Jack and very creative plans A, B and C to take the jerk down. A Leo friend will stand by your side, through any storm that life brings.

Don’t mistake a Leo’s generosity for weakness . . .

And, their relentless loyalty comes free of conditions. In fact, one of the most special qualities about this fire sign is their innate ability to forgive and move on. They’d rather leave a grudge behind than waste time analyzing, and despite their tremendous sense of pride, they can let it go in the name of salvaging an important friendship.

But don’t mistake their generosity for weakness . . . Leos can instinctively sniff out B.S. and those with malicious or poor intentions will promptly be excised from the circle without so much as a warning.

3. Leos Are Passionate Lovers

Ruled by the sun and the element of fire, you can imagine that the same passion burns brightly in a romantic relationship. Be prepared to make a Leo the center of your world, showering them with attention, respect and adoration.

In return, you’ll have a devoted partner that will remain just as exciting as the day you met, whether you’ve been together for six days or six decades.

Leo’s set their standards high.

Another one of Leo’s striking qualities is that they doesn’t need you to fulfill any voids. Leo’s are confident, secure and independent, which means if they’re with you, it’s a choice made on their own accord and not because their seeking any kind of validation.

Because of this, Leo’s set their standards high. Those who appear nervous or fickle in their displays of affection will be quickly dismissed, as Leos crave a strong personality with a wit that can match their own.

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Raaaarrr! Practice These 6 Yoga Poses to Celebrate and Ignite the Leo Lion Within:

Leo’s strength and confidence come from deep within their core. Below are a few yoga poses you can practice to bring out your best Leo or manifest Leo’s most admirable qualities!

1. Mountain Pose

Beginning with a strong, solid foundation is key. Starting with Mountain Pose can help you get grounded before igniting your inner fire.

Let’s try it:

  • Stand tall, with your feet hips-width apart
  • Bring your shoulders back, lifting your lion chest, palms facing forward and fingers spread wide
  • Engage your abdominals, bringing your belly button into your spine and focus on the heat that’s beginning to smolder in your core
  • Take 3-5 deep belly breaths


2. Chair Pose

Most find this yoga pose difficult, but it encourages you to remain strong in the face of discomfort. Perfect for any Leo!

Let’s try it:

  • Bring your feet together so your toes and inner knees touch
  • Sit low into a squat, activating your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves
  • Keep your lion heart lifted and reach your arms overhead
  • Can you sink a little lower?
  • Take 3-5 deep belly breaths


3. Eagle Pose

Eagle not only encourages a strong core, but requires balance and focus. Leos can use a bit of balance in their firey and passionate daily lives, and this pose helps ground, focus, and balance mind and body.

Let’s try it:

  • From Chair Pose, come back into Mountain Pose
  • Shift your weight to your left side, preparing to lift your right leg
  • Wrap your right leg over your left, and if you can, wrap a second time with your toes around your shin or ankles
  • Wrap your right arm underneath your left arm so palms meet in front of your face
  • Take any feelings of frustration or anger you feel towards this pose and use it to fuel your inner fire
  • Hold and take 3-5 breaths, slowly unwind and repeat on other side: left leg over and wrap, left arm under and wrap



4. Dancer Pose

Leo’s enjoy being the center of attention, and this striking pose is as extravagant as it is challenging.

Let’s try it:

  • From Mountain, lift your right knee to your chest
  • Place your right hand on that same ankle and flex your hips to bring your right leg out behind you
  • Extend your left arm out in front of you
  • Hold and take 3-5 breaths, switch sides


5. Goddess Pose

Leo’s think very highly of themselves and exude a confidence that’s contagious to anyone close by. Use that fire you’ve ignited to unleash your own inner goddess.

Let’s try it:

  • From Mountain, turn sideways on the mat and take a 4-foot step to the right
  • Turn your toes slightly outward and sit low to create a 90-degree bend in your knees
  • Raise your arms out and create a 90-degree bend at your elbows, palms facing forward and fingers spread wide
  • Envision a positive attitude and bask in the limelight you’ve created for yourself
  • Take 3-5 breaths . . . bonus points for Lion’s Breath while you’re here!


6. Locust Pose

Locust opens your heart while engaging your core. Use this pose to be generous with the fire you’ve created, letting it spread beyond yourself to lift up those around you.

Let’s try it:

  • Lay flat on your belly, palms down
  • In one burst of strength, inhale and lift your head, chest, feet and thighs, creating a ‘U’ with your body
  • Keep your feet flexed with toes pointing down
  • Exhale, and repeat 2 more times, trying to lift more and more of your body off the ground with each breath


These yoga poses will serve your inner Leo energy whenever you need a boost of confidence or light a fire from within.

Celebrate the Leo Fire Sign

Leos are incredible beings with so much passion, potential, and light to share with the world. Their strong personality and penchant for success will inspire and uplift those around them.

We love our Leos!!

We have an article for each sign of the zodiac, so be sure to stay tuned for the next sign. 🙂

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