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A Year of Self Motivation for Women

Ladies, it is time to leave your limiting thoughts behind you because A Year of Self Motivation for Women is here to guide you through 2022!

As a motivational author and speaker, yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur, I believe that cultivating empowering self-talk and a healthy mindset opens the door to living an abundantly fulfilling life!

Empowering self-talk can boost your confidence and help you stay strong in the face of everyday challenges.

It is my greatest wish that you will step fully into knowing and celebrating that you are the woman of your dreams

Join me in finding focus, insight, and encouragement with 365 days of motivation from my new book, A Year of Self Motivation for Women.

This book is full of brief practices and reflections that inspire you to talk to yourself with kindness and develop a more positive mindset so you can truly thrive. 🙂

Read on for a sneak peak into passages of my book, and a breakdown of the key concepts that are contained within it.


A Year of Self Motivation for Women: It All Begins With Our Self Talk

Here’s a short blurb from the introduction of my book:

How we talk to ourselves becomes the way that we talk about ourselves and ultimately becomes the way we see ourselves (and by default, how others see us). As motivational speaker Iyanla Vanzant says, “What you tell yourself about yourself, about your life, about your limitations, you will believe.”

My Favorite Inspirational Author, Iyanla Vanzant Teaches How to Exercise Your NO Muscle In This Short Video

Our self-talk is so important – it is a driving force in our self-confidence, and the perpetual narrator that colors in our experiences, our mood, our feelings, and our perspective. Self-talk, as well as self-motivation, are all about mindset.

I want to share something with you: I am the woman of my dreams! I am rooted in a full state of self-acceptance and the confidence that comes with it. I share this because through our year-long journey together, it is my greatest wish that you, too, will step fully into knowing and celebrating that you are the woman of your dreams.

As women, we give so much of ourselves, and it’s time to courageously give ourselves the gift of inspiration, a boost of self-confidence, and a heaping dose of motivation.
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A Look Inside My New Book, A Year of Self Motivation for Women

With a year of creative activities, positive affirmations, and uplifting quotes, this book gives you the confidence to empower yourself and thrive. Hailed as a top choice in self-motivation books for women, get inspired and encouraged to:

Try different ways to self-motivate:

Navigate your journey toward personal empowerment with an engaging mix of creative activities, positive affirmations, and inspiring quotes.

Explore uplifting themes:

Instill clarity and confidence into your daily routine with topics like mindfulness, positive thinking, self-compassion, authenticity, and more.

Find a flexible format:

Get support to carry you through the many seasons of life with entries that follow a calendar year but don’t have to be read in any particular order.

Another great aspect of how I wrote A Year of Self Motivation for Women is that while there is an entry for each day of the year, it’s not dated to a specific year, so it can remain your faithful companion year after year.

Explore engaging guided exercises that I created specifically for your year of self motivation. Expect to find wisdom, insight, and clarity for every step of your journey, and come away with a deeper sense of self-confidence, self-love, and your new state of being where you talk to yourself with unconditional kindness and compassion.

A Year of Self Motivation for Women Is the Perfect Motivational Book for 2022!

The reviews are pouring in and speak for themselves! Worthy Stokes, author of The Mindfulness Journal and founder of The HeartMind®Meditation Process, shares her beautiful thoughts:

“A sustainable, daily practice of self-love is a path of ongoing expansion, unexpected vulnerability, and courageous joy. Clearly inspired by her personal journey as a company founder and thought leader, Ashton August writes from the perspective of one who carries intimate knowledge of the inner strength required for outer, mindful success.

A Year of Self-Motivation for Women is a thoughtful and fluid, modernized road map for failing forward, living brave-heartedly, and building confidence…one day and one step at a time. Her practices and affirmations are fun, actionable, and easy to follow. Make this book a small part of your day to see big changes over time.”

I am immensely honored by the support that my book has already received, and thrilled knowing that it is out there in the world as a positive and motivational book to guide women everywhere in deepening their self-love, self-confidence, and of course, their self-motivation for 2022 and always.

If you would like to support my book by supporting yourself in 2022 (and always), you can order a copy of A Year of Self Motivation for Women on Amazon here.

You welcoming this book into your daily life is a statement to and for yourself that you are worth it! Know that by this simple act, you have already set into motion a powerful support system and positive shift in your life.

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