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3 Fall Equinox Rituals to Bring Balance and Abundance

The fall equinox is about finding balance and manifesting abundance. This time of equal day and night is marked by the peak of harvest season, which can be interpreted as the physical harvest of food or the energetic harvest of the fruits of your spiritual labor.

A ritual is a beautiful way to manifest your intentions for the season and to give thanks to yourself, the earth, and the universe. You can even involve friends and family in this ritual as bounties and abundance are meant to be shared. Prosperity for everyone!

The fall equinox is about finding balance and manifesting abundance.

Each year, we experience two equinoxes and two solstices – the tipping points of each season. In autumn and spring, there is a perfect balance between day and night.

In summer, we experience the longest day and the shortest night. Winter provides the opposite. These turning points have long been celebrated across cultures as they usher in a new season and bid adieu to the past.

This year, the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere falls on September 23rd, 2019. Rituals for the fall equinox help you to bring balance, abundance, and gratitude to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Practice These 3 Fall Equinox Rituals

Traditionally, during the fall equinox, people enjoyed the bounty that was grown by the sun of summer between friends, families, and villages. They shared the abundance of food and reconnected after a long and arduous harvest season.

Use these three rituals to simulate tradition. They can all be performed in one sitting. It is recommended that you perform them within 48 hours of the fall equinox (before or after).

1. Gather to Celebrate Over a Meal

The harvesting and ripening of fruits and vegetables is energetically indicative of the energy of summer, and subsequent shedding for the fall equinox. Hosting a beautiful, mindfully prepared meal with seasonal fruits and vegetables is a powerful way to celebrate the change of season.

Apples are the traditional bounty of autumn. So, make hot apple cider or apple pie as a beautiful way to use what is in abundance and share it around! This is also a way to honor and harvest your own manifestations planted at the summer solstice.

Put it into practice: Set your table with a cornucopia centerpiece and elements that represent autumn. Sit around the table and, as you enjoy the meal, share what you are grateful for or what you have manifested since the summer solstice.

Affirming your intentions out loud is a powerful way to set manifestation into motion.

The fall equinox is the perfect time to find gratitude and put your manifesting powers to work. As you share a meal with your loved ones, set intentions for what you seek to manifest this season. Affirming your intentions out loud is a powerful way to set manifestation into motion.


2. Connect With the Earth

The fall equinox invites us to honor the abundance in our lives and like the falling leaves, shed the layers of that which no longer serves us. Just like the earth, we too experience the seasons and rhythms of nature. It’s important to remain grounded during this time of transition.

Earthing: How This Practice Connects Your Mind and Body

Earthing is the practice of connecting with the earth by placing our feet or entire bodies on the ground. We can absorb the energy of the earth and also release anything that we are holding onto into the earth to transmute for us.

Put it into practice: Go to a park, your backyard, wide-open nature, or anywhere that you can connect directly with the land. Meditate on receiving and releasing. Give thanks to the earth for the support, love, abundance, and life we are fortunate to experience.

3. Take Time to Reflect

As we celebrate abundance and prepare to shed, this natural rhythm will also usher us to create balance in our lives. Make a ritual out of self-reflection during this time. This can be in the form of journaling, meditating, or even discussing with a loved one.

Have you been giving too much and not allowing yourself to receive or give to yourself? Are there relationships in your life that drain you of energy and leave you feeling depleted? Do you want to spend more time doing things that fill you up?

Put it into practice: Consider these questions and sit with what comes up. Write down the different areas of your life where you give and receive. Work to strike a balance and bring more peace and an even flow of exchange. The energy of the fall equinox will assist you.


Connect With the Fall Equinox

It may be hard to strike a balance between your personal life, professional life, daily obligations, relationships, and everything else we experience as humans. But that is why it can be so beneficial to tune in to the rhythm of nature.

The energy of the fall equinox will assist you.

We are never faced with anything we cannot overcome or thrive from. The earth is a constant reminder of this. When we tune in to the seasons and fluctuations, we see that we are no different from the trees and the bees.

This simple realization is incredibly powerful and, it is during times like the solstice and the equinox (when the energies of the earth are palpable), that we are easily able to tap into our essence.

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