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108 Ideas for How to Get Over Heartbreak

Loss of any kind can be gut-wrenching, like a deep pit in your stomach that never seems to go away. A period in your life that feels like it may never end. Heartbreak is one of those losses. And when we’re in the thick of it, we’re often left wondering how to get over heartbreak.

While the healing process from such loss may take longer than you would like, the magic lies in the mess and there is no way out but to work your way through it. Admittedly, it took some time to get past my last heartbreak, but in time, I got through it and you can trust that you will too.

As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I like to honor the power of 108, which is a sacred number in the yoga tradition. The number 108 holds much significance in yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In its simplest form, it represents everything, nothing, and infinity.

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How to Get Over Heartbreak – Here Are 108 Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart:

  1. Practice yoga
  2. Run
  3. Meditate
  4. Read books
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  6. Read blogs
  7. Read articles
  8. Write
  9. Learn about your astrological sun, moon, and rising signs
  10. Talk it out (psychotherapy)
  11. Dance/move (somatic therapy)
  12. Sing (vocal therapy)
  13. Make playlists (music therapy)


  15. Explore new age therapies (i.e. cranio-sacral)
  16. Enjoy a day at the spa!
  17. Talk to a life coach
  18. Attend meditation talks
  19. Enjoy ocean time
  20. Enjoy desert time
  21. Enjoy mountain time
  22. Play with animals
  23. Listen to podcasts
  24. Book a massage
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  26. Hike
  27. Roll out with myofascial release therapy
  28. Date new people
  29. Start a daily gratitude journal
  30. Phone a friend
  31. Schedule play dates with friends
  32. Get away for the weekend
  33. Buy yourself flowers
  34. Stop and smell the roses
  35. Enjoy time with family
  36. Attend festivals/music performances
  37. Cleanse/eat clean
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  39. Eat comfort food
  40. Book an astrology reading
  41. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure
  42. Sit in a steam room and/or a sauna
  43. Attend a new fitness class
  44. Ride a bike
  45. Book a tarot card reading
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  47. Share your truth
  48. Honor your vulnerability
  49. Cry it out
  50. Sit with it
  51. Smile about the good times
  52. Be honest about the bad times
  53. Display positive affirmations around you
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  55. Write out your own statements of truth to reference daily
  56. Enjoy some retail therapy!
  57. Enjoy small indulgences with vices (i.e. coffee, sugar, alcohol)
  58. Reconnect with old friends
  59. Invest in a yoga retreat or a yoga workshop weekend
  60. Send love
  61. Receive love
  62. Take naps
  63. Enjoy a social media hiatus
  64. Take a day of digital detox
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  66. Dress up
  67. Celebrate others
  68. Celebrate your freedom
  69. Love yourself
  70. Be kind to yourself
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  72. Take deep breaths
  73. Trust the process
  74. Let go
  75. Don’t glorify the past
  76. Know you are exactly where you are meant to be
  77. Attend a fancy gathering
  78. Take a walk
  79. Attend a sound bath
  80. Follow inspirational accounts on social media
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  82. Remove toxic people from your life
  83. Avoid the backslide
  84. Take it easy
  85. Take yourself to dinner
  86. Buy yourself something nice
  87. Hang out with your guy friends
  88. Hang out with your girl friends
  89. Be of service
  90. Help a friend in need
  91. Volunteer
  92. Give back
  93. Donate
  94. Stay up late
  95. Sleep in
  96. Floss
  97. Wash your face


  99. Cook a meal
  100. Bake a cake
  101. Make lemonade
  102. Get your hair did
  103. Smile at a stranger
  104. Pay it forward
  105. Get outside
  106. Take a day off
  107. Book a holiday/trip!
  108. Be honest with yourself
  109. Embrace the moment
  110. Don’t take it personally
  111. Trust the reroute
  112. Stay the course
  113. Stay open to possibility
  114. Dream
  115. Learn
  116. Grow
  117. Accept reality
  118. Be present

    Try These 108 Ideas so You Can Feel Like Yourself Again

    Alas, it’s true what they say, “Timing is everything.” And there’s often no substitute for time when processing loss like heartbreak.

    There is often no quick fix or one single remedy that will get you through hard times because the struggle is indeed real. But, hopefully this list can offer you several helpful ways to ease the healing process and get you back to your true self in time.

    May it be of benefit.

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